Mobile App Development and Deployment

Mobile App Development and Deployment

Calling all campus developers -- the University of Illinois now supports iOS development on campus and is set up to deploy apps to the App Store. The iOS Developer Program License Agreement and the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreements have been signed so the Office of Technology Management can now help you get access to iOS and Android developer tools and is managing the submission of University-owned apps to Apple's App Store and the Android Market.

iOS: OTM has enrolled the University of Illinois as a member in three Apple developer programs:

  • Standard Program: for distribution of free and fee-based apps via the App Store (requires submission of the app to Apple for approval)
  • Enterprise Program: for distribution of apps to University of Illinois-owned devices only (does not require submission of the app to Apple for approval)
  • University Program: an aid in teaching students how to develop apps, allows University of Illinois professors and instructors to designate up to 200 students to develop and share apps amongst themselves

Membership in the developer programs provides the opportunity to write and distribute iOS apps. iOS was previously known as the iPhone OS, which runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. These apps can be distributed via the App Store or to University of Illinois-affiliated members, provided that they are released under Illinois's name and ownership.

Android: OTM also enrolled University of Illinois into the Android Developer Program. Apps that are being developed for the Android OS will be distributed in the Android Market through the OTM. Android apps can be installed on both Android phones and most recently tablet computers that are running the Android OS.

Whether you are in the early stages of creating your smartphone or tablet app or have already developed one, you can fill out the Mobile App Disclosure Form to start working with the OTM.

Contact Mark Krivchenia, Technology Manager, for more information. (; West Campus: 312-996-6626, East Campus: 312-355-0197)