UIC Start-ups

Start-up Ventures from University Research
The following companies were formed to further develop innovations disclosed by University members.

Advaite LLC

Advaite LLC is an innovative therapeutic and healthcare solutions company focused on bringing novel drug treatments to the patients, and providing technology solutions to healthcare orientated companies.

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Actuate Therapeutics

Developing novel therapeutics that have implications in many conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, diabetes mellitus type II, and inflammatory conditions leading to fibrosis.

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Aurora MicroArray Solutions

Aurora Microarray Solutions works with researchers and industry to design custom microarray diagnostics and instrumentation from initial concept through data analysis and reporting.

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Cell Biologics

Manufacturing primary cultured cells and cell culture products to provide a broad range of high-quality human and animal primary cells including endothelial, epithelial, tumor and stem cells, along with optimized cell culture media and other related products.

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Cell Habitats

Redefining the field of tissue regeneration by harnessing the body's own endogenous stem cells to restore normal function to damaged or diseased tissue.

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Crop Growers LLC

Utilizes satellite-derived imagery combined with ground-based observations to provide crop condition and production information for grain buyers and commodity analysts.

DuPage Medical Technologies

Developing a small peptide based inhibitor into a new type of anti-thrombotic drugs that are more effective in narrowed arteries and less bleeding adverse effect.


EnteroTrack LLC is developing a capsule that can help identify the presence of esophageal inflammation, leading to faster treatment.

Immune Cell Therapy

A therapeutics company developing a cell-based vaccine treatment for cancer patients with a focus on lung and breast cancer.


ImmersiveTouch® is a leader in simulation based surgical training and exploration. ImmersiveTouch simulators ‘immerse’ surgeons in a digitally replicated operating environment with high-fidelity 3D virtual anatomies and haptic instrument replicates.

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Jivana Biotechnology

Pursuing therapies for breast, ovarian, thyroid, neuroblastoma, and glioblastoma cancers through the use of RNAi (RNA interference or Gene Silencing) techniques.

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NETenergy has created a thermal battery, that works much like an electrical battery, except it stores thermal energy.

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A medical device company developing highly innovative technology to improve the diagnosis and surgical procedures of patients suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

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Developing protein biomarker-based clinical laboratory services and products that address unmet needs in the fields of Neuroscience and Psychiatry.

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Progenicyte Therapeutics

Harnessing of the power of human neural stem cells.

Rochester Medical Technologies

Commercializes clinical-grade diagnostic and monitoring medical technologies with an emphasis on technologies that can "recognize and respond" to immediate threats to life-and-limb associated with acute medical emergencies.

Simplified Data Tracking, Inc.

Offering data management solutions that allow scientists to store, track, and analyze information for transgenic and knockout mouse colonies, cell and bacterial storage freezers, plasmid constructs and PCR primers.


A stem cell biotechnolgoy company the is developing treatment for type 1 diabetes.

Triangle Therapeutics

Triangle Therapeutics develops deoxycytidine kinase (dCK) inhibitors for treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and as well as other oncological diseases.

TTC Oncology

Advancing drug therapy for the treatment of Tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer.
Faculty involved: Debra A. Tonetti, Ph.D., Biomedical Technologies

YASO Therapeutics, Inc.

Developing drugs for multi-purpose treatment products for herpes simplex as well as prophylactic for genital herpes and conception.

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Vista Oncology

Developing therapeutics to address the unmet needs of breast cancer patients.