Activation by two recombinant naturally occurring myeloid proteins of an anti-inflammatory and anti-hypoxic pathway

S100 proteins are small calcium-binding proteins that are found at high levels in the extracellular milieu during inflammatory conditions. The UIC inventor has discovered that these proteins possess significant anti-inflammatory and anti-hypoxic activity. It was also shown that S100 proteins inhibit the activation of peripheral neutrophils by activating a specific type of PKC known for its anti-inflammatory activity, and have a protective effect against hypoxia. The two proteins are good potential therapeutic targets for the treatment of deleterious inflammation especially in association with hypoxia / ischemia. The inventor has also shown through in vivo experiments that they can ameliorate cutaneous wound healing in an animal model of hypoxia impaired wounds.


• Inflammatory process with known deleterious activity

• Treatment of auto-immune disease (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis), transplant rejection, and inflammation following ischemic event or surgery


• Treatment of inflammatory conditions in association with or without hypoxia

• Hypoxia protective effect (Cardioprotective effect)

Inventor Name

Herve Sroussi

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