Proteinaceous is a startup company created by Dr. Neil L. Kelleher, a former faculty member at the University of Illinois. The company consists of the technical development team for the ProSight PC Software which is exclusively licensed and sold through Thermo Electron Corporation. ProSight PC is a protein identification software system which allows identification and characterization of intact proteins and their post-translational modifications (PTMs) using the method of top-down sequencing. ProSight PC was developed at the University of Illinois’ School of Chemical Sciences under the direction of Dr. Neil L. Kelleher.

Hoowaki, a start-up company founded in 2008, has licensed technology from the laboratory of Dr. William King, Mechanical Science and Engineering, which allows for the surface structure of man-made products to be molded in ways that replicate the micro to nanometer-sized details found in nature. The surfaces of metals, ceramics and polymers can be altered to affect appearance, color, friction, adhesion, lubrication, drag and flow control. One potential application is the creation of super-hydrophobic materials.

Dr. Terry von Thaden, Institute of Aviation and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, combines principles from information science and human factors to provide safety culture measurment services and training recommendations to commercial aviation operators.

Runtime Verification is currently developing a unified RV tool that 1) instruments programs in order to be observable, analyzable and modifiable at runtime, 2) monitors programs against property specifications and, if needed, executes user provided recovery code, 3) predicts concurrency errors by observing apparently correct program executions, and 4)mines property specifications from program executions. The company was founded by Professor Grigore Rosu from the Department of Computer Science.

Diagnostic Photonics is developing an ultra-high resolution, in vivo, microscopic imaging platform for intra-operative use in several clinical settings. Based on the research of Drs. Stephen Boppart and P. Scott Carney, Electrical and Computer Engineering, the company’s initial focus in cancer will enable in vivo and real time scanning of tumor margins and nearby lymph nodes, giving immediate feedback to optimize surgical efficacy. The result will be fewer repeat surgeries, improved prognoses, lower cost, and higher quality care.

ImmuVen develops novel drugs that can be used to treat infectious diseases and cancer. The company harnesses a powerful, emerging life science technology, T cell receptors, which are a unique class of immune-targeting therapeutic and diagnostic agents.  These agents have significant advantages over antibodies, which are already a $20 billion/year market against cancer, autoimmune, and infectious diseases. Founded by Dr. David Kranz of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Dr. Patrick Schlievert of the University of Minnesota, the company is located in the University of Illinois Research Park.

InnovoSoy, Inc. is an Illinois corporation established in 2009 dedicated to developing powerful and easy-to-use data visualization applications. Innovosoy provides users with practical and cost-effective solutions to understand complex and dynamic datasets such as population and income growth, and the production, consumption, and income elasticities of key commodities.  Dr. Peter Goldsmith of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is the founder of Innovosoy; the company is located in the University of Illinois Research Park.

Text IE is currently working on products and solutions leveraging the founders’ expertise in the areas of machine learning; natural language processing; information extraction and text mining. Founded by Dr. Dan Roth of the College of Engineering, the company is located in the University of Illinois Research Park.

The Geochemists Workbench is a set of software tools for solving water quality problems, including those encountered in environmental protection and remediation, the petroleum industry, and mine wastewater planning. The software is in use in more than 1,000 companies, universities and research institutions and is essential for water engineers, aqueous chemists, geochemists and anyone else working with water quality data.  Aqueous Solutions will continue the distribution of the Geochemists Workbench; founded by Dr. Craig Bethke of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the company is located in the University of Illinois Research Park.

MulticoreWare Inc is a Software and Systems Integration solutions company providing heterogeneous multicore solutions for high performance computing applications.  The company is currently working on applications in the defense and aerospace, bio-informatics, life sciences, imaging, scientific computing and financial services industries.  MulticoreWare embraces heterogeneous computing and its solutions benefit customers who require a higher order of magnitude performance with power and space constraints.  Based on the research of Dr. Wen-mei Hwu of the College of Engineering, MulticoreWare has offices in Urbana, Illinois; St. Louis Missouri; and Saratoga, California.