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Copyrights 101

What is a copyright, and why is it useful?

Follow this short course to learn about what can be copyrighted, the benefits of copyrighting your research and more. Click to get started or select a specific topic in the menu to the left.

Can I Copyright That?

The basics of copyright law — eligible works, the distinction between ideas and their expression, the rights granted to copyright owners, and is copyright term — life plus 70 years — too long?

Is It Fair Use or Infringement?

Fair Use is an enigma — indeed, no one even knows how many words of a copyrighted work one can legally copy as “fair use.” Here, at last, is everything you need to know about Fair Use.

What If Someone Infringes Your Copyright?

What can you do if your novel, blog post, photograph, or song is used by another without permission? What the famous “Blurred Lines” copyright trial means to you.