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Licensing FAQs

Q: I want to license a UIC technology. What is my first step?
Contact the technology manager responsible for the field that interests you. Our technology managers are experts with many years of experience in their affiliated fields, and will work with you to identify technologies that fit your business needs. A non-disclosure agreement will be required for in-depth discussions of confidential information related to our technologies.
Q: Does UIC OTM have a template NDA available?
Yes. UIC OTM utilizes a template NDA that has been approved for use by our University Counsel.
Q: Do you allow licensees to test the technology before entering a license agreement?
Yes. We allow our potential licensees to enter into ‘Option Agreements’ which allow the licensee to utilize our IP for a short period of time in order to ascertain whether the technology is a good fit for their business. After expiration of the Option agreement, our team will work with licensees to negotiate a license agreement that is beneficial for all parties involved.
Q: What types of technologies are available for license?
We have a variety of high-quality technologies available including medical devices, course curriculums and content, software, therapeutics, diagnostics, research tools and much more.
Q: Do you handle MTAs (Material Transfer Agreements)?
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research handles our Material Transfer Agreements.