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Fabrication/ Research Services

Advocacy/ Promotion


Learn from experts who have taken their ideas from concept to venture.  Educational workshops, business clinics, and mentor matching provide crucial advice new and experience entrepreneurs alike. Incubators and co-working spaces provide not just office space, but an entrepreneurial community that supports founders and ventures alike. Fabrication centers and research cores offer the ability to utilize specialized equipment to create prototypes or to run specialized scientific protocols to test drug candidates. Measuring the impact of entrepreneurs on the economy and promoting the innovations that come from the University are crucial aspects of transnational research Bootstrapping, seed funding, angel investing, pitches, venture capital, grants and awards, challenges, and other events and entities can provide an entrepreneur with startup capital.

OTM Services
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Disclosing an innovation to the Office of Technology Management is the first step for many UIC faculty members and staff engaging in the commercialization process.  The OTM team will screen the innovation for commercial feasibility and perform an intellectual property protection analysis.  For innovations that have a strong potential for commercialization, the OTM will locate and engage with potential industry partners capable of further developing and licensing the technology. To learn more about this process, click here.  To see funding opportunities for faculty and staff click here.

Location: 1853 W Polk, 4th Floor, Suite 446, Chicago, IL

Illinois Ventures
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As one of the nation’s premier university-related seed and early-stage investment firms, Illinois Ventures provides proof-of-concept grants, seed funding and venture capital to develop and commercialize university-related innovations. Through mentorship and funding, Illinois Ventures is able to advise startup teams on attracting team members, investors and strategic partners. Illinois Ventures often will begin working with startup teams even before the technology has transitioned out of the laboratory.

Location: 2242 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL

Machine Shop
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The LAS Physical Sciences Machine shop is run by world-class experts in instrument making and laboratory mechanics.  The shop is open to researchers across the entire UIC campus and experts can walk you through the fabrication process from initial idea to physical prototype and small-scale production for research purposes.

Location: LAS Physical Sciences Machine Shop, 845 W Taylor St., Chicago, IL

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Exclusively for healthcare devices, the 10-week MADlab program is designed to help UIC members take an idea from conception through early prototype development.  For selected projects, a multidisciplinary team works with applicants to perform market assessments, concept validation, prior art analysis, early prototype development, and to create a value proposition that can be used to help acquire additional funding, development or licensing.

Location: Innovation Center, 1240 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL

Innovation Center
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Acting as a bridge between University research and industry, the Innovation Center forges collaborations between corporate partners and UIC faculty or student entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize new products.  In addition to providing incubator space for UIC startups, the core team at the Innovation Center can help with user-centered research, design and design planning, process and methods, product development, digital and physical prototyping as well mentorship into many aspects of innovation.

Location: Innovation Center, 1240 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL

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HTI – Health Technology Incubator Chicago’s first shared wet lab facility, the 12,000 square feet of shared wet laboratory and office space is available for rent by UIC and non-UIC startups to perform proof-of-concept stage development.  The shared laboratory space brings together scientists, clinicians, engineers, and industry to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to developing healthcare technologies.

Location: 2242 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL

College of Business
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Available to Chicagoland entrepreneurs, UIC students, faculty and staff, the UIC Entrepreneurial support program offers support and guidance for entrepreneurs at any stage in their venture.  Services include one-on-one meetings with experienced business consultants, workshops and education, access to tools and resources, and business clinics.

Location: 815 W. Van Buren St., Suite 400, Chicago, IL

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CCTS: Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences is part of a network of more than 60 medical research institutions that work together to provide investigators with training, expertise, and resources to advance translational research projects.  Providing a range of services from workforce development, funding resources, research services, education, and data collection, the center is able to provide support for UIC investigators at every point on the translational research spectrum. CCTS specializes in community-engaged research though its active engagements are with a broad range of stakeholders including patients, community leaders, health care providers, industry, and policymakers.

Location: Medical Center Administration Building, 914 S. Wood St., Chicago, IL

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Using a project-based approach to focus on drug development, the UICentre pulls together teams of people with experience in all aspects of drug development and translational research to perform analysis on novel chemical entities as viable clinical drug candidates. Twice a year, campuswide RFAs are performed to form multi-PI translational research grants.

Location: College of Pharmacy, 833 S. Wood St., Room 431A, Chicago, IL

Clinical Research Center
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A part of the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences, the Clinical Research Center supports investigators in all aspects of clinical trials and clinical translational research.  Services include help with the application process, recruitment for participants in clinical trials, protocols and safety, patient education, source document creation, and more.  The Clinical Research Center can offer investigators all of the tools and expertise to take a successful trial from start to completion.

Location: Medical Center Administration Building, 914 S. Wood St., Chicago, IL