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DEEP™ Program Overview

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DEEP™ Overview  

DEEP™ is a diabetes self-management education (DSME) program that has been shown to be successful in helping participants take control of their diabetes and reduce the risk of complications. DEEP™ was developed for use in low-income, racial and ethnic minority populations.


Community Participants of DEEP workshops learn:

Module 1: Understanding the Human Body

Module 2: Understanding Risk Factors for Diabetes

Module 3: Monitoring your Body

Module 4: Diabetes and Physical Activity

Module 5: Management of Diabetes through Meal Planning

Module 6: Complications of Diabetes

Module 7: Learning about Medications and Medical Care

Module 8: Living with Diabetes: Mobilizing your Family and Friends


DEEP™ includes a train-the-trainers model, which is designed to engage community members to implement DEEP™ within their own communities. DEEP™ Peer Educator workshop trains community health workers to use DEEP™ with persons with diabetes in clinical and community-based settings. DEEP™ Senior Trainer and Lead Trainer workshops prepare professional and community health care workers to effectively train others in DEEP™.